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exigeant(e) - demanding

routine - routine

d'habitude - usually

devait - had to

se - himself/herself/oneself/themselves

se lever - to get up

tôt - early

pour pouvoir - in order to be able to

préparer - to prepare/get ready

si - if/so

se coucher - to go to bed

s'endormir - to fall asleep

jusqu'à - until

tous soient - all were/everyone was

couchés - in bed

silencieux/euse - silent

comme ça - like that

aussi - also

se reveillait - woke up/used to wake up

se levait - got up/used to get up

seulement - only/just

apportait - brought/used to bring

après - after

se douchait - showered/used to take a shower

passait - spent/used to spend

la douche - the shower

se doucher - to take a shower

se rasait - shaved/used to shave

les jambes - the legs

se lavait - washed/used to wash

visage - face

savon - soap

hydratant - moisturizing

embellir - to make more beautiful

se séchait - dried/used to dry

se sécher - to dry/drying

se maquillait - put makeup on/used to put makeup on

se maquiller - to put makeup on/putting makeup on

ils ont décidé - they decided

trouver - to find

un mari - a husband

ils ont placé une annonce - they placed an ad

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