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The story Opens in at Miss Pinkerton´s academy for young women. Amelia and Becky are the Main protagonist of the novel. They are friends, but they are quite different.
Amelia is Rich and kindly. Becky sharp on the other hand is poor but clever and is Prepared to manipulate everyone around her. Becky spends a little time at Amelia’s Home.
Becky is in love with Amelia’s brother Jos, but George, the love of Amelia, stops the Marriage between Jos and Becky, Becky came furious.
Sir Pitt (from The Crawleys) wants to marry Becky and Rawndon on the other hand, Amelia doesn´t Want that George goes to the war.
Dobbin, George´s Friend, is also in love with Amelia. When George is prepared for the war Amelia Worries about him. George dies.
Amelia and Becky Have sons. Dobbin returns to England and care Amelia’s son.
They travel To Europe and find a Becky. Finally, Amelia marries Doggin. 

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