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I get along with my ex even though Sometimes we don't look at the face. When we first fell in love, we never wanted o be apart.They got divorced a few months after their Wedding. Most people are in couples. I’m the only one without boyfriend. Jane and I first get to kwon each other at the handbll club. We’ve grown apart since you moved away. We Don’t talk so much. Alba takes after Her mother. They’re both very clever. James and Linda are engaged. They are planin their wedding. Linda and her fiancé were at the party. They seem Happy together. It’s difficult to make friends When you move to a new city. Facebook is one of the best way to keep in touch with people. It’s fun to Have a big family ith lots of relatives It’s better to have one or two close friends Tan to have many acquaintances. My Grandmother plays a big role in my Life. I tell her everything. Susie claimed She didn’t steal the bag. She insisted she didn’t do it. John didn’t give the film a chance. He only watched the first ten minutes. I doubt that we’ll go abroad this summer. We’ll probably just stay here, as usual. Mark and anna have tied the knot. They got married last Week. I wanted to find out more about his background. I asked him about his family.

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