Who did George try to find out what wanted

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6. 1)he was sad.He didn´t want to happen again. 2)to pay for ane funeral 3)at a church wich didn´t open its doors to the homeless 4)a march to capital city 5)to offer him a job at the law center 6)he needed the eviction file from 7)she said she was tired and the next day she visited a divorce lawyer.

8. A)he wanted to record the police searching his apartament. B)he wanted to sound confident c)hector palma wanted to give him a copy of the missing note outside the drake and seveeney building. D)except michael and a drunken white man everybody in the police station was black e)the gang member in prsion wanted michael to give him his jacket as a gift,he didn´t want to barrow it.

9. A)helping his dients solve their prolems b)because a knew the evicted people were tenants c)for an hours phoned people she knew could help her find him d)because it was possible that the police would come to the law centre,looking for the file. E)he couldn´t speak at first

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