Who did George try to find out what wanted

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u texto aquí!Why did everybody stare at lucy at the halloween party?

because she shouted very loudy-
What unusual phenomenon did lucy, Paul, Mrs Gordon see?
The Noctilucent Cloud.
Who built a home next to fiord?
Eric the Red
Why was Lucy unhappy when she got to her cabin?
He prefered stay with ghosts to Helena Holbrook
Why was to find ghosts on ships?
because they prefered to stay near the places or people the knew
who was on the deck after breakfast?
Norwegain couple with two children, a tall girl in a long blue dress and quiet English lady.
When do Inuits wear their traditional clothes?
Only for special ocasions
According to paul, what was the shape in te sea?
Viking ship whit a big, square mast and a dragon,s head at the front
What  was the figure on the stairs doing?
A dark shape
Why did Paul stay on the ship?
Because, he didn,t feel well and he couldn,t swim very well
Who was lookin for old man?His daughter
How does the girl with the blue dress Konw English?
She listened to speak the American and English Tourists
Why does the girl with the blue dress'?
His father was calling her
What did the viking ship look like?
A  long wooden ship with a dragons head and white mast
How did Paul know the girl in the blue dress was a ghost?
,yes, his hand want straigh trough her
Who was the girl in the blue dress?
The daughter of Eric the Red (Frediss)
According to lucy, Why do ghosts usually appear?
Because they want help them
What was Eric planning to do with lucy a Paul?
Tie them at back of the ship
According to Paul, why was the ice melting?The global warming
Why did Eric leave Iceland when he was a young man?
Because he did sometime very bad
How did Eric and Fredyis die? They ill and they both died on some day
Why were Eric and freydis Travelling around the sea?
Because Thor decided to punish his father because he lied
What was The viking prophecy?
They,ll see a sun cloud in the sky
Who was rowing the ghost ship?The  men of Eric The Red
How did Lucy Know they were near the destination?
Because the sun was begining to set.
Why was it important to travel south?
because the nights are darker further south
What happened to lucy in the sea?
She hit head one some floating ice, se went under
Where was lucy goint to go?WHY?
Medical centre, because they just want to certains everything
Who came to visit Paul at the clinic? Mr Jone and some students
Who was with lucy at the medical centre? Mr Jone
What place did the students visit?Eric the Red a farm
What did Paul find under the blanket? Paul found the neckclace
Wich two people arrived at the farm later? Lucy and Mrs Gordon
What di paul want to prepare on the hill?
He wanted to prepare a ceremony to celebarte theirs return

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