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CINTA1 B 1. What happened at Ms. Strumm's lesson?

Alex Standell wrote list about who is hot and who is not. And Hanna appeared on the Who's is hot list.

2. What was on that piece of paper?

Who was hot and who wasn´t

3. What did "Jackass Jimmy" do when he read the list?

He took a sneaky- peek over the back of Hanna’s chair and said “You bet it is” referring to her ass

4. Where was Clay when he first saw the list?

He was in history class

5. What was Clay's reaction to the list?

He just laughed

6. Why was the list so important to Hanna?  Do you think it was important?

Because of the repercussions the list had on her. At the moment I didn’t thought it was that important, but now that I realize the feelings Hanna got when she saw it, I think it is.

7. Do you think Alex was aware of the repercussions of the list? Did he care?

No, he wasn’t and he didn’t care a bit.

8. Why does Clay say at the end of page 41 "I did nothing wrong"? Do you think he didn’t?

Because he can’t find any reason to explain why he is on the list. I believe him and he didn’t do anything wrong, but he could have done something to stop people talk about the list.

9. Can you describe the Blue Spot?

It looks like a posting board for cigarette and alcohol ads.

10. Can you retell the events that happened there?

Hanna went to the store by bike. There someone talked with Wally, the shop assistant, while she was paying. He told Wally that Hanna had the best ass in the Freshman Class and then he smacked her ass. Wally emerged from his cell, grabbed her when she was leaving, he spun her around and said her name. All she wanted was to go to her house but she told her he “was only playing”. She got her ass grabbed because someone else wrote her name on a list, and the guy didn't apologize, instead he got aggressive.Then he told her to relax and put his hand on her shoulder , somehow trying to comfort her.

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