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Britain became an industrialized country between 1750
and 1850. This happened because of some factor that help the Industrialization happen. The land was under very good conditions so it gave many raw material, also there was a lot of interest in science and knowledge between the citizens and the last is that transport improved.  
Britain had lots of raw materials such as coal. At first coal was produced in a limited quantity. During the period of industrialization, the demand for coal soared thanks to iron and steam. Workers burn the coal so it can produce
energy. Energy that it was useful to make some inventions of the century work and, in case of iron, to make canals so the water could go from one place to another. Because of these advantages, we have population growth in the cities. This occurred because life in country
side wasn’t as good as people wanted to be: the salary were not enough for big families etc. So a very high percentage of the people living in the country
side, move to the city to obtain more money for making the entire family
survive. Once they arrived there, they would have seen that move also to the city as they did. So the owners of the factories had lots of people that wanted to work, so they decide to remove some of the salary and paying them very lower quantities of money. 
In fact of all of this disaster for the citizens, there was a group of people that decide to make their own business by inventing machines. George Stephenson was an engineer that had the idea to make a machine that could transport people and products out of cities and countries. Locomotion was an invent that worked with coal. It was a good way of making trade and transport improved just because Britain had lots and lots of coal, so it wouldn’t be a deal to use it as our nowadays gasoline. 
In conclusion, we can see all of the factor that made Britain become the first industrialized country. Britain
had the advantage of having a lot of coal by nature. Also there was a lot of
people living in the country side just because it was cheaper but making job opportunities in cities, businesses would have much more citizens that wanted the jobs. And last, that transport and trade improved thanks to the coal they had, because it was the fundamental material to make locomotion work.

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