Who did George try to find out what wanted

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From line 1 to 6 we can find repetitions, ellipsis and also a symbol. The repetitions are tiles in line 1 and 2, peel in lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 and label in lines 3, 5 and 6. The repetition is used for us to pay more atention in some words because they are important for the rest of the story. The ellipsis is used for creating athmosephre so we are more concentrated in what will happen. The symbol that we can find is "peel the label" that is used to show her desire to reveal the truth beyondthe surface. From line 7 to line 14 we can see how George is trying to show the others that he knows a lot (not only of History) and he have to be Boss Deparment. He is also describing "The exorcisim" (Title of the act). From line 6 to line 40 we can see that there are many stage directions, this are for desribing the tone the mood and what are the characters doing. With this we can see how they talk an all that things. The thing that they most talk in the extract is of the son that Martha and George dont have. In line 17 and 18 we can see (because of the stage directions that Nick is going to have a drink (the alcohol its what predominate in all this play, this for hide emotions (another symbol)).

In conclusion we can saw that George and Martha where husbands that dident love each other, but they showed another thing (peel the label). George was jealouse of Nick because he was Young, Hundsome and had a good work. Nick and Honey where also husbands and they love each other, In one moment of the story when the alchol was in the blood Nick and Martha had sex. Martha was jealouse of Honey beacuse of Nick. The author use a lot the stage directions, this for us to know whats the tone, the mood and what they are doing, he also uses the ellipses to creat an athmospear tense. He uses a lot of symbols like the alcohol to hide somthing.

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