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and helps them find the passage to Carthage. This is not the only time she interferes in her son’s favor. Soon after she shrouds them in a mist of protection to enable them to gain access to Carthage clearly because of her love for her son and his mission.

Book 2 is perhaps one of the most significant in its depiction of the role of the gods in human affairs. In Aeneas’ lengthy account of the fall of Troy. The gods are depicted as highly partisan because the Trojans didn't stand a chance. Nearly all the divinities abandon Troy to the deceptive methods of the goddess. After Lacoon strikes the wooden horse with a spear since he correctly believes that it contains Greek soldiers, twin snakes are sent from Tenedus to devour him and his children. After eating them. The snakes take refuge in Athena’s shrine, indicating that it was she who sent them. So, if Laocoon had not discovered the deception of the Trojan horse, Trophy would have not fallen.

More evidence of the divine alliance against Troy is revealed as Aeneas discovers Helen hiding in the sanctuary. As he is about to kill her. His mother appears in her full divinity to dissuade him from murder. Perhaps what follows is one of literature’s most interesting passages of the topic of divine intervention. She wanted him to know that humanity was a victim to divine intervention and that no human , including Helena.\, was responsible for the Trojan war, including the Greeks. There is no other passage in literature where the author uses one god to point the finger to all the other gods, accusing them of being biased.

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