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It is a well-known fact that we live in the era of technology. Wherever you go it is certain that you Will find some technological element: at hospital, at the supermarket or at university. As a result, we can say that in recent years we have seen enormous innovative changes around us. But, how has the public´s opinion on this issue shifted over the last few years?

For instance, fifty years ago our grandparents did not need about modern technology if they wanted to do something at home or at their job. They did everything manually, one instance could be the housewife´s tasks, they lit the fire for cooking or the irons ran on coal. On top of that, many of these current jobs at that time did not have a computer or technological machine to make their lives easier.

First of all, we can find a lot of advantages. For instance, by the end of this century, a scientist will have discovered the cure for AIDS or man will have travelled to another galaxy. Apart from this, the technological breakthroughs will be doing more and moreof the work in our lives. Additionally this time next century, man will have created domestic robots that help us with our housework.

On the other hand, there is a minority of people who remain being technophobes and refuse to use any kind of modern technology. Nowadays, with technological development, have also emerged rare diseases like the allergies to technologies. Scientists will be researching the solution of these anomalies by the end of this century. Nevertheless, all these people can enjoy the cutting-edge and the progress of medical advancements.

To sum up, it seems to me that all the cutting-edge, electrical appliances or devices, have many more advantages than disadvantages, an example of this is how some high tech, gives a quick and effective solution to our daily problems. Furthermore, it is highly probable to think that by 2200, we will have robotized our lives. Who knows if in the future we are going to send to our robot replicas to work?.

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