Why does gerry decide to take the scorpions to his room

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The cat was fed by Gerry
 The thief take the wallet
 Two new schools will be built in my town next year.
11. The maid have cleaned the bedrooms
12. The girls were offered some help by the boys.
Some help was offered by the boys to the girls.
13. Dinner is not being made by Helen to us tonight.
14. Many homes were destroyed by a hail storm last week.
15. The school is goig to buy notebooks.
16. Pesticides had been often used by the farmers when planting corn.
17. Americans don't play cricket.
18. Music can be listened by Sherry in every room of her house.
19. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in Venice.
20. I was given a cherry tree for the garden by my students.
A cherry tree for the garden was given to me by my students.

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