Gestalt orientation to team building

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·process consultation (PC):A meeting in which a consultant assists a client in understanding process events with which he or she must deal and identifying processes that need improvement. 

·Team building: High interaction among team members to increase trust and openness intergroup development 

·Intergroup development:Organizational development (OD) efforts to change the attitudes, stereotypes, and perceptions that groups have of each other.

·Appreciate Inquiry (AI):An approach that seeks to identify the unique qualities and special strengths of an organization, which can then be built on to improve performance 

Paradox Theory:The theory that the key paradox in management is that there is no final optimal status for an organization. 

Innovation:A new idea applied to initiating or improving a product, process, or service. 

Idea champions:Individuals who take an innovation and actively and enthusiastically promote the idea, build support, overcome resistance, and ensure that the idea is implemented. 

Learning organization:An organization that has developed the continuous capacity to adapt and change. 

Characteristics of a Learning organization 

1. There exists a shared vision that everyone agrees on. 

2.People discard their old ways of thinking and the standard routines they use for solving problems or doing their jobs. 

3.Members think of all organizational processes, activities, functions, and interactions with the environment as part of a system of interrelationships. 

4.People openly communicate with each other (acros 

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