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MASC GAMETES: Sperm cells are produced continuously in the tub there you move up to the epididymis, at which time they complete their maturation and develop a scourge with which swim very mu xo deprisa.son pekeños and numbers but the eggs . hundreds mature daily output is performed by ejaculation in which semen is expelled LIKIDO formed by one sperm and seminal lubricant prostatiko.permanecen LIKIDO live between 3 and 5 days in the vagina at the k time fertilization occurs . Fertilization and early pregnancy: the vulacion has Lugas or 14 days before the egg regla.el released from the Graafian follicle is driven to the length of the tube to the uterus semana.el take more than a single egg can be fertilized for 24 from the ovulacion.el intercourse involves the intoduccion penis ejaculating sperm are released into the mat genetic interior.el of sperm and egg fuse and occurs resulting cell is the zygote or cel huevo.comienzo of emvarazo: to form a zygote produces a substance that prevents the Graafian follicle degenere.por kkRAINING nesting place is when you paste the endometrio.a from that memento is called embryo and develops, "the placenta: organ that develops in the endometrium and serves as a connection between the mother and the embrion. - umbilicus cord: connects the embryo with the placenta and consists of a tube through which pass 2 arteries that carry nutrients to the embryo and a vein that carries waste from the embryo sust a bag MOTHER amniotic sac of amniotic LIKIDO where that the embryo n.Cambios towards sexual amdurez or postembrionamiento: k is the time since we are born until early adulthood. It is divided into 1) childhood (0-10years) sex genital (penis, scrotum and vulva) and are formed which are the primary sexual characters. 2) puberty (10-14 years) occurs the 1st period and start producing xikos lso wait for me. Secondary sexual characteristics appear. Pexos grow, the hips are in ensanxan xikas lso increases groso of bones, the molecular weight, the most recorded voice in xikos beard and hair in the pubic and armpit on both.

3) adolescence (14 to 20 years) is sexual desire, emotional support is sought in friends, ay conflict Situacions Skon adults, feel misunderstood .. ta body and prepared for reproduction. 4) maturity or adulthood: (20/25. Death) and we adapted to changes emos and people are raised to form a FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE familia.APARATO "ovaries have the shape and size of an almond. They are attached to the uterus by a ligament. They mature ovulos.trompas tubes: each ovary ducts communicate with this carpeted interio cilia that push ovulo.clitoris: terminacions muxas organ nerve, x lo k has muxa sensitivity. You are at the junction of the lips menores.utero: hollow organ, with the inside covered with a highly vascular epithelium, the endometrium, where the egg is fertilized emplanta. It has a estrexamiento called the cervix, which connects the vagina kon. Vagina muscular wall duct, which connects the uterus kon external (vaginal opening) labia majora: repliesgues d Eskin between the thighs, covering external genitalia labia minora: folds of skin and fine snsible covered by the labia majora. Eggs (female gametes): the egg is the female reproductive cell or gamete is a very large cell about 1 mm in diameter that ripens in the ovary, in a capsule called a Graafian follicle. This follicle is open and pour the egg in the fallopian tube. K is expelled from the egg remains fertile for 24 HOAs if that time is not fertilized FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE muere.CICLOS: female sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone induce the formation of Graafian follicle. Estrogen formation follows a cycle of 28 days. When your blood is greatest quantity, ovulation occurs, ie rupture of the follicle, the egg output of the eustachian Falopio.tras release the egg the Graafian follicle produces progesterone which induces growth and maturation of the endometrium (tissue lining the uterus where it implants and the fertilized egg) kando is the maximum level of progesterone, the endometrium is fully developed. If no fertilization the egg dies degenra follicle stops producing progesterone and the endometrium is shed, forming a period.

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