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JUNIO 2015

2: A) F. Wearable technology (the one you wear on your body) is hardly a new phenomenon.

    B) F. Many of these technologies are likely To filter down to civilian life.

    C) T. This new device will look a lot like Something you own already

3: A-locate B-secure C-eclipse D-monitor

4: 1-b 2-c 3-b

JULIO 2015

2: A) F. Encarni explains that her mother found work for a couple of months taking care Of an elderly person, but was fired. B) F. There were 11 people living in Encarni’s house. C) T. Encarni wants to be a judge when she grows up.

3: a) junk. B) poverty c) elderly d) laid off.

4: 1-c  2-a 3-b 

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