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1.Energy Efficiency.There are Many ways to save energy and there are many methods to not pollute the planet. What can we do to have an efficient energy in our lives? . First of all we can Do some good routines to save energy. We must turn off the water faucet while We are not using the water. Turn off appliances that are not in use. Use public Transport to move around the city, so we reduce pollution. There are many routines That can help. In addition there are other methods but they are more Complicated, like using solar panels, but they have a very big cost and you Have to pay taxes. I think there are many ways to save energy but not all People do this kind of thing.

Working Mothers.Working Mothers who have a job and at the same time have to take care of their Children. Being a working mother has advantages and disadvantages. In the first Place one of the advantages is obtaining money by the necessity or by other Reason. Such as a marriage in which the husband can not work, the woman has to Work to get money. Furthermore one of the disadvantages is the lack of time to Be with the children. If no one can take care of the children while the parents Work they have to hire a caregiver. I think it is good for mothers to work but It has a few drawbacks. 

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