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A call that I will never understand

Yo estaba en el tren cuando me di cuenta de que no era mi equipaje. I started getting very nervous without knowing what to do.Due to this feeling I decided to look for someone who could help me find my bags, but nobody paid any attention to me.

Then, I decided to open the suitcases that I had and see if there was information about the owner. Suddenly I saw many bags together and they all looked strange and uncommon.

Suddenly, I was surprised and scared, in case the police caught me with drugs that were not mine so I decided to keep it in the toilets of the station.I went to the information room to find my suitcase when I heard a voice shouting my name.

Finally, the phone rang and it was a private number I could not understand anything but I answer out of curiosity. On the other side of the phone they warned me that if I lost the drug I would have problems so I decided to go back home and keep it until they called me again. After the time nobody called so I decided to sell it and get money to travel around the world. 

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