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THE SENSE OF TOUCH->The sense of touch is located in the skin. It informs us of variations in temperature and pressure, pain, and the texture, presence, shape and size of nearby objects. - The skin has three layers: 1. Epidermis: The outer layer.2. Dermis: It contains the touch receptors.3. Hypodermis: It has adipose tissue and blood vessels and
nerves. TYPES OF TOUCH RECEP-> The nerves end with different tactile corpuscles located in the dermis. They perceive diverse sensations: 1. Ruffini corpuscles. 2. Meissner corpuscles. 3. Krause corpuscles. 4. Vater-Pacini corpuscles. 5. Free nerve endings. THE SENSE OF SMELL-> The sense of smell enables the body to detect chemical molecules through chemoreceptors located in the nasal cavities. The nasal cavities have two types of nasal mucous membranes:Respiratory mucous membrane with blood vessels to warm theair and with hairs to trap dust particles.Olfactory mucous membrane. Here are located thechemoreceptors that transmit impulses through olfactory nerve tothe brain. THE SENSE OF TASTE->The sense of taste enables the body to detect flavours. There are
four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Nowadays a fifth is also recognise: umami or savoury. The chemoreceptors are located mainly in the tongue. These chemoreceptors are clustered in taste buds located in cells called taste papilla. The sense of taste depends largely on what a person can smell.

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