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OR FORESTRY .- DASUCULTURA is continuing the exploitation of forest resources REFORESTATION .- is the action of restocking is the process that allows the reinstallation of the forest. FORESTACION .- implatancion of Bosquez in the land that never had vegetation. TRAINING FOREST .- .- NARUTAL the creation of the artificial nature .- by human intervention (direct sowing and planting tree nursery) LOCATION .- to be representative as possible of the climatic and soil conditions of the area by reforesting LOCATION .- distribution center field SIZE OR SUPREFICIE .- final depending on the maximum area that is intended to reforest a year. 60m2 Almacigueras 3660M2 REPICA 280M2 TOTAL ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND 4000M2SOIL TYPE should be selected preferably flat maximum slope of 2 to 3% to facilitate drainage of rainwater, soil texture, about rich organic matter, pH, availability and quality of irrigation water is important to .- water all year round WATER SUPPLY FOR LIVE .- for perforated pipe for hose aspercion ditches CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS water tank to the greenhouse area for tools galponesta Almacigueras seeds and fertilizers pesticides, plant area and Barbalos transplants, fence perimeral, labor is advantageous to a nursery near L apoblacion ACONDIC OF SOIL required nutrients Decierto TYPES OF TEMPORARY NURSERY OR FLYERS occupy the ground a certain time then they disappear or are relocated permanently or FIXED requires a careful study of the soil your site layout of the construction and installation class CONDITIONING NURSERY once chosen the site for installation of the nursery to proceed to the initial ground prepracionDESIGN AND PLAN OF NURSERY .- den is an important stage in establishing the nursery has 3 p arts section of germination, of upbringing and development, CONSTRUCTION seedbed for the germination of seeds should receive enough sun light air and water is another permanent mycorrhization of paracticas that takes place in the SEEDS macigueras most forest species are produced through seeds PORTA TREE CHOICE GRAIN fueretes healthy and vigorous, dominant within the mass, small and compact glass, natural stroke really important COLLECTION SEEDS fruit and seed are fleshy membranous sheaths 100 kilosfrutos 2k eucalyptus globulus seeds, fruits 100k tereticornis seeds 5 k, 100 k camaldulensis fruit seed 6 k, 4 k off vinimalis 100k seed.SEED accruing should be collected from parent trees must have registered and date of collection of seeds, technical and vulgar names altitude, origin of the trees, deep texture SEED QUALITY ph purity and viability. SEEDING .- to boleo in Sowing lines in late winter or early spring seedbed REPICA transplantation individual recipients. Umbracle fixed CONSTRUCTION whose height is allowed to walk DINGERS plant care of diseases and pests FOSTER PACKAGING DIRECT SEEDING oviar involves chipping the seedbed and Barbal Final cierstas multiply or propagate via forest species by clonal agamicPACKAGING AND TRANSPORT OF SILVER are exposed to large losses if the transfer time FRAMING THE FIELD CRITERIA semierocionados flat terrain before making an PLANTING SISTE to transplantation to take a regular spacing of plants is important FOREST PLANTATIONS Persib restocking location advantages abandoned forest after forest areas, reforestation den tieeras deforested much ensures a high aproduccion respect to any agricultural management PRACTICES preserve soil fertility considering species selection, review the site and establishment opening selves from the beginning the vegetative, manteniemiento and management aspects to be considered protenccionsoil, nutrients the descompocicion existing climate TYPES OF PLANTING temperature industrial plantations PLANTACIONS Intenca SOMETIDASA LEAST ONE MANAGEMENT, PLANTATION FOR PROTECTION

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