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In my opinion the book Frankenstein is a very amazing book. There are Many reasons for that. The book is one of a kind because of its gothic Genre. Moreover, it has a very deep meaning behind the simple words. The Book shows the hollow nature of the human beings and how looks are so Important to us. However good a person might be, we judge them by what We see. Its human nature to form opinions as soon as we meet someone. In The book bueno Frankenstein try to help people or be nice and friendly To them, al tickets is humiliation  and unacceptance. Looks are baby Decieving. Normally, we relate this to people who look really honest and Nice and end up betraying us in some way but i think, this also means That people who do not look trusworthy or in the case or frankenstein Who looked dangerous, scary and creep, these people might be nice and Honest. Its the same as to not judge a book by its cover. Moreover hay Think debut isn't for children.  usually children are scared of monsters And this book is about it. Also the book contains a lot of incidents Regarding revenge, inhumanity and many things we humans fail to Understand. Children learn the negative values we have. I conclude by Saying that Frankenstein is a book everyone should read and try to Understand the real meaning behind it. Its very original and one of a Kind

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