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Bitter:amargo, chewy:duro, crunchy:crujiente, fatty: graso, greasy:grasoso, mild:blando, plain:sencillo, rich:rico, salty, spicy, stodgy: pesado(hard to digest), sweet, tasteless: soso de mal gusto, tasty, tender: tierno, blando.

Curry, olives, ice-cream, fried chicken, steak, boiled rice, coffe.
Fried, boiled,roast,grilled,barbecued,baked,stewed: parenaia.
Boring,cramped:estrecho, dear:caro, exciting, formal, friendly, value for money : buena relacion con el precio i la calidad, informal, lively,noisy, overpriced:carisimo, quiet, romantic, traditional, trendy: de moda.
Chew-chewy, mystery-mysterious, music-musical, hope-hopeful, rely- reliable, use-useless, thought-thoughtful, thought-thoughtless, rain-rainy, home-homeless, fanatic-fanatical, drink-drinkable, harm-harmful, sugar-sugary, ( - y, -al, -able, -ous, -ful, -less)
Sound and safe, tired and sick, pick and choose, pieces and bits, peace and quiet, more or less, back to front, sooner or later, now and then,  ups and downs

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