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Regulation Describe The hierarchy of legal prescriptions! 1Acts (1997 LXXVIII. Act – On the build environment, 2001 LXIV. Act – On the protection of the cultural Heritage) 2 governmental order (312/2012. (XI. 8.) governmental order – On the Procedures and controlls of the construction supervision and the services of The construction authority) 3 ministerial Order (28/2011 (IX.6.) Order of the Ministry for Home Affairs On the regulation of fire Protection) 4 local statutes – orders of the Authorities 5regulations of the institutes/ companies, organizations (47/1998 Order of the General Assembly of Budapest City – On the frame regulations about the building process and the urban shaping of Budapest) What are the Five main territories of regulation in the architectural planning process? (Give some examples to each!) Limitations:building heightgross built areaminimum green surfacefunctional limitations – building areas Heritage Protectionworld heritage sitesnational listed monumentslocal listed buildingsprotected heritage área Technical requirements:use performances (light, air, access etc.)energy consumptionendurance requirementsmaterial qualitymechanical stabilityweather resistance Safety rulesfire resistancesafeguardingwork and Use safety Processdocumentation Requirementsprocess protocollicencesrequirement of consents What are the levels of heritage Protection?1 National listed monuments (blue shield,(protected even in case of war), UNESCO world Heritage sites) 2 local listed buildings 3 partially protected Describe the inner and outer Controlling processes regarding to construction projects! CONTROLLING BY QUALITY SURVEYOR control of the plans in accordance with the standards And the regulations control of the assignment of the building control of the conformance of the applied material (CE, etc.) ensure the prosecution of the prescribed tests (e.G. Soil mechanics) controlling quality prescribed by the standards controlling hidden structures and volume of the Completed work before getting covered (e.G. Reinforcement) controlling volume of the completed workcontinuous control of the construction logbook note all failures (deficiencies and faults) in the Construction logbook informs the client if the completed work is according To the contract (volume, standards, prescriptions, etc.) – (Is it suggested for The client to pay all the bills or not?) take part in the hand over process EXTERNAL CONTROLLING PROCESS Local authority 1 building consent (compulsory site control involved Into the procedure, before any construction work are performed) 2 permission of Use (compulsory site visit during the procedure (control of the fulfilled building – control all aspects, that have to be authorized) 3. construction Supervison by the state (probable Site visit during the construction process) Describe the hierarchy of standards! Give the Three ways how a standard can be cited in regulations! 1 international standards (CE, EN) 2 national Standards (ANSI, NS, TSE, SA, MSZ, DIN, ÖN, BS) 3 Guidelines (used by a group of Company) company standards in general -> all the Concerning standards are prescribed with name -> a specific standard (the latest version) is compulsory with name and date -> a specific standard (the Cited version) is compulsory General standards ISO 9001:2000 - Quality management systems – requirements ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental management systems. Requirement with guidance for use OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational health and safety management systems. – requirements ISO/IEC 27001:2005 - Information Technology – security techniques– Code of practice for Information security system Functional standards ISO 10006:2003 - Quality management systems - guidelines for quality Management in projects ISO 10015:1999 - Quality management - guidelines for Training ISO 19011:2002 - Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management Systems auditing 

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