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Present simple: he she it s 1 columna. Present cont. They you we are ing. Would: past habit and repeated action. Present perfect simple: have or has ed o 3 columna.  past simple: was/were ed/2 columna. Past perfect cont: had been ing 3 columna. Present perf. Cont. Have/has  been ing. Past cont: was ing. Past perfect: had ed/3 columna. Took off: becom sucessful, takes after: have similar char. Took up: start an act. Took over;: become responsible for something, take back: admit you are wrong, turn away: refuse permission to enter a place, turn down: refuse an invitation. Turn off: make somebody decide don't like something, turn on: attack someone, turn out: unexpected result, turn up:arrive somewhere. Freezing:cold, boiling:hot, soaking: wet, pitch:black, absolutely frozen, thick/dense fog, torrential/heavy rain, strong wind/sun, rough sea, hard frost.Strict-vegetarian diet, high fat diet, well balanced, rich in vitamin, low salt diet, balance

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