Global warming refers to the phenomenon whereby

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GLOWAR: I:What can be done to protect the enviorament and whose the global warming?It is hard to open a newspaper nowadays without being faced with the problem of pollution.So,is the best way to solve this issues before late. In this essay, i am going to discuss the different opinions and solution to save the planet. D on theonehand, i would like to state that one of the big problems we have is the great amount litter we throw away every month,especially in the developed countries.Therefore,the solution is recycle all that rubbis. On theotherhand, to be take into account is the kind of energy that we use to start engines, or factories and houses.This petrol and carbon based energy causes the emission toxic gases.Moreover,it provokes the rising of the temperature and warming of the atmosphere. C to sum up,from my own point of view, i thing it would be to reduc the use of carbon and petrol using renovable energies.

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