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alliteration: repetition of 2 or more

sounds twisters

synecdoche relate one part with

a whole tough

metonymy: a product with a

mark comfort

anaphora: It starts a word repetimso

of variasfrases

repetition: repeating words interspersed

epithet: repeat an action

high peak high peak

hyperbole: exaggeration

hyperbaton: alteration of the words

antitheses: concepts of opposing side

and stamp paradox: something contradictory die

pork do not die onamatopeya: reproduction

crush sounds bang toc toc

asyndeton: eliminacionde conjunction or annex

jumped and ran ran

polysyndeton: lomismo but with annexes

jigantafora: d word game

limited to: the speaker gives to know

felt. "moods, caracte.del

object of their pens. and described account

or tells

apostrophe: the speaker addresses even

you, talks but there is dialogue

always answer, dialogue

Carmina. describes and speaks no nose,

shows feelings.

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