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He says he heard in the same place where it happened.

It was night of All Saints. Was just about to ring the prayer of the Templars and the souls of the dead will ring your bell.

They speak a cousin and a cousin and she does not believe it. Called Beatrice and Alonso. He tells the story of Monte de las Animas, the mountain that gave the king a half men warriors, half Soria monks to defend the Arabs, which was an insult to the Castilian knights who always took ill and preparing a ambush perpetrated a massacre on that Mt. All the bodies were buried in the chapel above. Since then the Day of the Dead at midnight souls come wrapped in shreds of their shrouds.

Beatriz Alonso and soon they were separating and he says he is giving away a jewel that held a feather in his hat. She says her gift is going to be a blue stripe, but it fell on the mountain. He does not want to go that night to pick her up but she laughs and he goes. That night as she hears footsteps, was very upset and could hardly sleep. When the morning light brightened the room was found the blood-stained band and told him the news that Alonso had been devoured by wolves. She was dead, killed in horror.

They say that once happened that a hunter had to spend the night on that mountain Dead and the next day before he died was horrible things like skeletons of soldiers chasing a woman who was turning over the grave of dead horror Alonso .


Becquer says he does not know if a story or a story, but has some truth.

Manrique The protagonist, a young poet, who likes to read, monasteries, forests ... the prior of a monastery has said that the stars are other worlds, he dreams of the beauty of their wives.

Soria is a bridge leading to the monastery of the Templars. A Midsummer Night He walked in there he saw as the white suit of a woman waving out there. Wished to follow, what to do at that hour. It seemed that in a boat crossing the river, he ran to see if she's caught.

Then he began to track people coming across the river to know where they were staying in a house and saw a ray of light that is reflected in the house opposite. Immediately understood that this was her house, even saw a balcony with the light on. He stayed there all night until morning came a squire. " After being questioned in the house said there was no woman but Valdecuellos Alonso, who was ill.


The presentation of this legend says that he heard this legend in the same place where it happened (the convent of Santa Inés) of a convent demandera.

This legend revolves around a poor blind man who is organist at a small church in Seville.He was very introverted, if just friends and his only occupation was his old body. The parishioners loved him not because of his "sympathy" but by his ability to play the instrument. So well did the Archbishop of Seville wanted to go to the cathedral to play, especially in the midnight mass. Maese Pérez was very sick and seeing death on Christmas Eve very next wanted to take him to his church to play and die in peace, and so unfortunately happened. The Archbishop appointed a replacement who had a great virtue when he played the organ but it was a bad person. As with Maese Pérez asked him to be playing at the cathedral at midnight mass and the following year he did, but he did a horrible, that day sounded angelic melody played in the church where Maese Pérez no one sitting at the organ. No doubt it was the spirit of the poor blind man who was the delight of the parishioners.

fleeing wounded deer. As a last resort, the deer goes into an area of trees. Seeing this, a huntsman in the service of Fernando de Argensola, shouted "Stop the world!" And asked his master to please abandon the hunt, saying he had heard legends about the area they called the source Los Alamos. Fernando flatly refused to waste the piece and, ignoring the words of Ignatius, the hunter decided to venture into that wooded area and get that deer both had resisted until then.

Days since that Don Fernando went into the forest and returned to the room safely, but the hunter does not stay quiet and watch it change color and quite dark. I told her I love her comments and he replied that he was in love, in love with a woman he saw in the fountain of the Alamos but nobody had seen before. I fell in love with her ​​green eyes. Argensola Fernando Inigo asks to help you find it and find out who was this woman so beautiful.

A day that Fernando was about the source of Poplars in search of that beautiful woman, found it again and realizing that that time would not be repeated too often, he said quickly. The beautiful woman hesitated a question and hinted to Fernando if you still love her if she was not or ceases to be a woman of flesh and bone, to which Fernando said, without hesitation, yes.

After this response, Fernando perceived as the wind whisper say, "Come, come ...", Fernando approached the woman and with a kiss, deep into the waters of the lake.


In this story the story is about an Aragonese nobleman, Don Dinis, who had fought in the holy war and had a daughter, Constance, which in turn had a personal servant named Garcés. One day after finishing the game they all gathered under the trees and came a lad which Don Dinis told that I was not sane because she thought that all the deer had allied against him, and one day looking for deer appeared Corzas group led by a white doe to him fled in panic. Everyone laughed at least thank Esteban Garcés not stop thinking about the story of the white deer. Garcés loved Constance, lily of the Moncayo and thought that if I caught the

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