Gongora and Quevedo

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GÓNGORA: features: pictorial sense (descriptive poetry and sensory). Landscape (interest in nature, landscapes, objects, animals ..) cultism and popularity (mixture of cultured and popular) panegyric satire (satire and praise of noble heroes and the Duke of Lemma Panegyric) issues of every kind (love, satirical, moral, philosophical, religious, laudatory, funeral, CIRCUMSTANCES, controversial) style: cultism (use words Latino and cultism esdrujulos) Hipérbatos: cultism which gives flexibility and ease, underscores the value phonic or colorist. Mythological allusions: love cupid is reduced, the war on Mars. Metaphor ignores the real word. Work: folk poetry: ballads and letrillas. Poetry cults: Polyphemus and Galatea, loneliness, panegyric to the Duke of Lerma, a tale of Pyramus and Thisbe
QUEVEDO: Issues: metaphysical poems, moral, religious, satirical style: use of metaphors, unusual substantivized, resources intensifier, superlatives, puns, hyperbole, transfer of meaning, creating new words, antithesis, oxymoron, epithets, paronomasia, metrics (sonnets, silvas, romances, letrillas) Work: Poems metaphysical, moral, religious (Christian Heraclitus), loving, satirical and circustanciales.

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