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My next holidays Dear John, -Hello! How are you? I hope everything is Ok. I´m fine. I´m working a lot at school now, but soon, in June, I’ll be on holiday! You know I love my job, but to be honest, I´m looking forward to having time off.-I´m goint to tell you my plans.-I will tell you that this year I don't want to leave Andalusia and there are so many interesting places I want to go that I am afraid but I won't have enough time to visit them all. I will begin my tour spending a few days in Isla Cristina, who has one more beautiful beaches of Huelva, its waters are something cold in the Atlantic but its warm climate. What I have been told is that there eats very good fish and seafood so we will have to try it. -Being near the Park Doñana National I will go one day to visit it and see its fauna and dunes. Also I will go to the village of Almonte to visit the Hermitage of El Rocío that celebrates the most famous pilgrimage of Spain.-Also I will spend a few days in Seville to visit the many monuments that in it there is and its museums, besides its park and the Plaza de España.-I will finish here in Malaga where I want to enjoy its beaches and water sports.-I´ll miss you a lot in Isla Cristina! I´ll buy you souvenirs. I promise!. Please, reply soon and tell me what you are going to do when you´re on holiday!.-Regards,-Mari Carmen

Tell us about your holidays! / Last weekend Dear John, -How are you? I hope you are well. It gave me great joy to receive your email. I haven’t written before because I was on holiday.-I went to San Sebastian two summers ago/last weekend. I got there by car. We stayed five days/three days in a friend´s house.-Every morning we went to the beach “La Concha”. It is the most popular beach in San Sebastian, it was beautiful and it has quite clear waters.-In the afternoons we went to visit monuments, walked around the town, walked around the sea front. I really liked its buildings and streets, they were very beautiful. -At night we were too tired and I went to the bed early.-We also went to visit villages near San Sebastian like Zumaia, Irun, Hondarribia, all of them beautiful. I specially liked Zumaia, it has a wonderful beach and high cliffs. Zumaia is known to be a site of geological interest. Many Scientifics went there to study its rocks. You can see spectacular landscapes there.-We had a great time but we only had a problem, the weather, it rained almost every days, it was awful. The weather changed, it was sunny and suddenly it started to rain, it was a problem.-I really enjoyed that holiday and I think I will go back there again.-What’s your news? What have you been up to? Write soon keep me up-to-date with everything. Can’t wait to catch up!-Regards,-Mari Carmen

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