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1-if+prent simp..Will+inf
2-id+pas Simp...Would+inf
3-if+pas perf(had+3colm-ed)..Would+have+3colm-ed

1if she doesnt complain...People will like..
If rita makes..The doctor will see her
You wont make..If you read.....

2if sur wasnt be...She would talk...
Harry would lend..If I asked him
If you took ...You woul get along...

3they would have bought..If they had had the money
If I had needed ..I would have talked..
Mary would have come..If she hadnt been ill

afraid of,keen on,interested in,worried about,furious with,good at,amazed by,proud of//angry with.About,ashamed of.For,bad at,important to.For,rude to.Of,stupid of,anoyed about.With

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