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Jerome Klapka Jerome was born in 1859 and grew up in east London. When he was fourteen, he took a job selling railway and later became a teacher. He then became an actor.

But he did not become well become until 1889, when he wrote Three Men in a Boat.

In 1892, Jerome and some friends began a magazine.

During the First World War, Jerome worked as an ambulance drive in France, and after the war, he continued writing. He died in 1927.

1. We decided to go on holiday. These 6 chapters, tell of four characters George, William and Jerome Harris and Montmorency is the dog. They were sitting in Jerome's room smoking and talking about how bad they were. All described their injury or illness, and then talked about who should keep rest and it could take a vacation. And they planned a boat trip upriver.

2. We Start to make plans. They discussed the plan and decided to leave on Saturday.

3. We decide what to take. The next afternoon talked about the food they had to carry.

4. We pack. The next day they bought all things, took them home and put them in baskets. They decided to go to bed and get up at 6 and a half.

5. We start our holidays. Mrs. Jerome Poppets woke in the morning, woke Jerome Harris and then they, woke George was asleep. They took a taxi and left, while George went to work. Then they met in Weybridge.

6. On the river. Harris and Jerome arrived at Kingston and the boat was waiting on the shore of the Thames River. We arrived at the labyrinth of Hampton Court Palace and Harris told a story once that was in a maze and put George joked about one and wait to come out.

Important characters:

Montomerency: Good dog. Aggressive cats.

Harris: It does everything wrong, but with good intentions.

Jerome: Tells the Story and intelligent.

George: It's good storytelling and very intelligent.

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