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My favorite store is Luis Javier (sweetbreads). They open every day except the domingos.Primero opens at nine o'clock in the morning and finally closed at ten o'clock at night. It is a great store where you can find everything, toys, food, clothing, accessories and many more things. This shop is located in the center of Tresjuncos. Accessories and clothing can also try to return the unit to a limited date. All products are of good quality and can be purchased at the best stores in Spain. In this shop are experts in the flesh, as the owner is a butcher and are dedicated to this, but you can also sell other products to help their families.

Living in a city or a village has advantages and disadvantages. First, if you live in a city you will have less time to go out because the city is more dangerous than the people. Second if you live in a city you can interact with many more people than if they are in a village. Then if you live in a city you can do things you can not do in the village as going shopping, movies, ... Finally, if you live in a city the most important places like the hospital you have them closer and it takes less time going.

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