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-I am going to write about to advantages and disadvantages to whatsapp.

-In the last years social networking has become in a essential part of our lives.But you will read in the next lines that it has got advantages and disadvantages. -In the one hand whatsapp is the beast site in the world wich you can send menssages to your friends, who are studying abroad. Other things is that you can take photos with mobile phone camera and send it at the moment. -On the other hand one the disadvantages for whatsapp could be that you need to have internet in your mobile to send menssages to everybody. Other thing is that in different situationsmay be troubles with the red. - To sum up, I believe that we should use less the social networking and spend more time outside with our friends.

-Pisa is a good city to visit in Italy. The tower of pisa is a marvellous monument in which you can visit the main square whit its principal monuments. -you can take a pictureof the tower of pisa, you can see the church, cathedral and tower. Around tower of Pisa, you can buy typical souvenirs from Pisa and Italy. The tower of Pisa is 55 metres tall. Its architecture is unusual. If you visiti Pisa, you should eat risotto with fish. Typical food from that country. - I think that Pisa is a fantastic city for tourism.

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