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5 INSTRUCTIONS: Quiet, please / Pay attention, please.
 Look at me! Listen to me! Come here please.              Put your coat on / Take your coat off.
 Please get into line.
  Put your hand up.

2 PRAISINGWell done! That’s a nice picture/ Very good. Fantastic. Awesome. 2CLARIFICATIONWhat’s..In English? I don’t understand / How do you say...In English? Can you repeat, please? 
6 G:Fables,Poems,Riddles,Songs,Tales,Tongue twisters.
FAIRY TALESAnimal tales:
Puss In Boots. ”Formula” tales: same structure. Do you want me to tell you a tale? (invented). Marvelous tales: hero, princess, powers, magic objects... Ex. Snow White. Real-life tales: characters could be any of us, daily routines. Ex. Teo.

ELEMENT PLANNING A LESSONFamiliar song to start the classroom / New language, presented in a fun way / A familiar active game or activities with TPR.*It is important to include both lively and relaxing activities.
10 CLUES READ & WRITERead to your child.Ask questions. Be a good (reading) example. Identify letters in natural settings. Incorporate multiple domains of development. Classify the Genre. Word Families. Phonemic Awareness and Phonics. Decoding. Sight Words.
TEACH WRITEMuscle up. Get a grip. Proper posture. Letter knowledge. Name writing.

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