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TEMA9- participant:participar -schedule:organizar -confirm:confirmar -attend:asistir -convenient:libre -busy:ocupado -tied up:ocupado -previus commited: compromiso previo - 4.Check the calendar/attend the meeting 5.Previus commitment 6.make arrangement 7.Busy y convenient . -1.We'll have a short break. 2.Sharp 3.Light refreshments 4.Equipment 5.Projector 6.Microphone. -reschedule: reprogramar- arrange:organizar- postpone:posponer- suit:estar disponible- participate:participar - 1.I cant make the meeting... B)reschedule 2.We dont need to meet... B)cancel 3.Katie will... A)suit 4.I wont be able to... A)postpone - 1.Michael is on the phone...C) 2.David jones is held...E) 3.Mr kelly had to...A) 4.Greg came for...B) 5.We'll have to star...D) -cold:frio -earache:dolor de oidos- broken leg: pierna rota- headache:dolor de cabeza -upset stomach: dolor de barriga -ttothache: dolor de muelas- sore thoat: dolor de garganta- flu: gripe  TEMA 10- 1º- B) yes i am. There are some...Cycling. A) yes the new bicycles are... Fantastic B) that's  true. I'm ..Sure A) its too bad...Country B) as a matter of fact... Participate 2º- 1. Last year we produced a very attractive.. Exhibition/brochure  2.Stand 3.Businnes card 4.Promotional material 5.Free gifts 3º- 1.The shoe.. Exhibition 2. Name tag 3. Competitors 4.Display boards 5. Leaflets 4º- 1.Traffic light..C) 2.Junction..A) 3.Route..H) 4.Sign..B) 5. Entrance...F) 6.Exit..D) 7.Bus stop..E) 8.Train station..G) 5º- 1.Get on...B) 2.Get off..A) 3.Pass..A) 4.Cross..B) 

TEMA 11- 1º- 1. The prices on this invoice... Error/a defect 2.Lost in the post 3.The wrong item 4.Satisfaction 2º-a) the..Prince list (nº de cliente). B)how much do you..Chargue(cargar a una cuenta). C)i'm very sorry we....Apologise for the inconvenience(disculparse x la inconveniencia) d)we didn't mean to.. Overchargue(sobrecarga) e)the..Shipping date(fecha de envio) f) i'd like to.. Make a complaint(hacer en la publicacion) g)the company can use the..Customer number(nº de cuenta) h)i'm sorry.... Cuse a problem(causar un problema) 3º-B) i ordered six lamps for our.... This morning, but three of....Overcharged. B) my name's glen...Manager of shendon....Order number B)good an what about the.. Mistake 4º- 1thank you for calling i'll be.... Assist 2.Please..Return 3.I want..Compensation 4.How could they.. Refuse 5. I don't....Suggest 5º-1. Did they lose business/credit your account 2.Under warranty 3.Check my records

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