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-Crammed: meter algo a presión

I tried to cram all my clothes into one suitcase,but it dindt work

-Figure out: deducir

I figured out that math problem

-Nurture: nutrir (alimentar,pero tambien enplan si enseñas a añguien a leer le estas nutriendo)

Parents need to nurture their children to help them become good people

-Pull yourself together: recobrar la compostura

Stop crying and pull yourself together

-Rough and ready: rapido y mal hecho

The homework of today its rough and ready

-Scheme: estrategia

The officials schemed against the president.

-Shift: desplazar,move,change(si es noun: relevo, turno)

The movers sifted the table one metre to the left

-Skive: hacer pellas

I´m in trouble for skiving off again

-Substantial: a lot of something/very important

I have received a substantial number of job offers this week.

-Trigger: provocar

The antibiotic triggered a number of side effects

-Distress: upset

The mark I got for the exam distressed me

-praise: elogio

She was praised for her volunteer work

-Outwardly: aparentemente

Outwardly, the fruit was rough to the touch

1-Threatening: aggressive

She gave me a threatening look

2-Unfriendly: not kind

They were so unfriendly to us when we met them

3-Despise: despreciar

I despise some politicians

4-Upset about: something that makes you sad

She was upset about her friend´s actions


I swichted off the TV because I was uninterested in the programme

6-Fed up:harto

She was fed up with the bad weather

1-See eye to eye=estar de acuerdo

I  have never seen eye to eye with my father

2-Do as you are told=to respect responsabilities

I never did as I was told at school,which used to get me into trouble

3-Get your own way=do or have what you want

I like to get my own way all the time beacuse I´m obstinate

4-Keep myself to myself=don´t show my feelings

I prefer to keep myself to myself rather than telling people everything

5-Rub people up the wrong way=to annoy sb

She meant to be helpful but her suggestion really rubbed me up the wrong way.

6-On a whim=suddenly

I frequently do things on a whim,which is the complete opposite of my parents,who plan everything

1-Look up to= admire

I tended to look up to my sister because she was older than me.

2-Become close= to have a strong bond(conexión) with sm(conexión muy duerte con alguen.

I become quite close to my sister

3-To come across= to give the impression.

He came across as a little eccentric

4-To be good fun= to have a good time with sm

It was always good fun going shoping with my mom

5-To take after sb=resemble(parecerse)

many people say that I take after my grandmother

6-Set your heart on sth=to desire sth

She had set her heart on a trip to Japan

7-Run in the family=que pasa de generacion en generacion

Artistic talent runs in Paul´s family, they are all painters

8-Have high expectations

My parents have high expecatations for my future

0-Close relatives: familiares de la familia que sientes cercanos.

1-To play a key role: jugar un papel importante/to be significant

2-To stand a better chance of something: tienen una mayor posibikidad

3-To relay on someone: to trust on someone(reliable=trustworthy)

4-Alternative emergency contac

5-Otherwise: sino(puedes hacer…sino puedes hacer..)

6-Widely accepted:ampliamente aceptados

7-Particlarly important

8-To put something at risk: poner en peligro


Delighted=extremely happy




Taken aback=tomar por sorpresa


Feel Accountable=responsable



Catch unawares=when something happens unexpectedly

Cotton on=pillar(i began to cotton on(maths))

(to be) Glued to= look at something (prestando atencion a algo)

Go over old ground=to repeat ideas

Liable=likely to

(if someone is hurt, a normal person woul be liable to call an ambulance)


(the cat lurked in the bushes,waiting for potential prey)

Sneak=secretly robar algo que no es importante (I sneak a pencil)

-Which=things and animal

-Who=people,animals when we want to give them a personality





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