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Barn: we kept the horses at the barn

Do your duty: you must do your duty
Drowned: when he fell into the lake, he drowned
Hesitated: she didn't know the answer so she hesitated what to do.
Locket: she was wearing the locket around her neck
Melt: the snow melts in spring
Mist: in the morning there was mist
Peasants: the peasants had a lot of work in the fields
Plucked up: it was the time to plucked up my courage
Rage: when i got angry i felt a lot of rage
Shelter: i found a shelter in the war
Straw: i hid in the straw
Was moved: when i saw the film i was moved
Wept: when the boy felt over he wep desperately
Wound: he had a very bad wound

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