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15-millones de niños-millions of children under the age of fifteen work in clothing factories all over  the world.

16-portavoces-charity spokespeople point out that these children often work for long hours in dangerous condition.

17-necesitammos afron-we need to face up the fact that manufacturers are exploiting children.

18-no podemos-we cannot put off dealing with the problem any longer.

19-yo diria que la mayoria-i would say that most people do not care about recycling

20-es un hecho que las tiend-it is a fact that shops encoutage us to buy more than we need

21-se sabe que 50%-it is widely known that 50% of all rubbish is thrown away while it is still useful.

22-los anuncios esta-advertis.. Are everywhere.Theyare constantly trying to persuade us to purchase new thing

23-los anuncios nos-advertis.. Encourage us to buy more that we need.It is clear that this benefits bussiness because more products are manufactured and sold

24-se sabe que los paises-it is widely known that western countries are using up natural resources faster than they can be replaced.

25-creo que una multa-i believe that a fine would be a good idea for those who don´t recycle because it would help to raise money for the environ..

27-todos los años-every year,the litter on the beach seems to get worse and worse.The rubbish is ugly and hazardous to wildlife.

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