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A: Natalia Speaking.
B: Hi Natalia. It's Lucia Gomez
A: Hi Lucia. We have a problem to solve. Astrid the receptionist is sick today. Do you know if there is somebody available in your departament who could replace her?
B: My assistant isn't very busy today. She will be in charge of the reception.
A: Great. Secondly i have to tell you i have just booked the restaurant for Ellen's leaving party. Have you bought Ellen's present yet?
B: Not yet. Don't worry. I will do it tomorrow
A: Ok. Keep in contact
B: OK. See you

A: hello. Can i help you?
B: Yes, please I have an appointment with Mr Cannon, but there's nobody in Reception
A: Oh dear. Is this your first time here?
B: Yes, it i
A: Well, come with me. I can take you to his office
B: thanks very much. After you
A: Oh right... Here's john Cannon's office Please go in and take a seat
B: thank you
A: i think john's just next door. I'll call him. Can i get you something? A coffee?
B: Oh, yes, please
A: ok. I'll ask him to bring you one. Have a good meeting. Nice talking to you
B: yes, and you. Bye

A: Can i join you?
B: yes, of course
A: i hear you work for GTS
B yes, that's right
A: my name's Simon Turing(B). I'm with Tulsa Filtres. You're one of our customers
B: Ah yes. Pleased to meet you. I'm Nathalie Anderson 
A The conference? Very interesting
A: Do yoy comehere every year?
B: no. This is my first time
A: do yoy know a  lot of people here, Nathalie(B)?
B: -no, not many. Would you like another drink?
A: No, thanks. I'm fine
B: Well, please excuse me. I need to go to my room before dinner
A: Sure. See yoy later maybe

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