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Doctors say that people should sleep at least 8 hours.

Why is it necessary to sleep those hours?

People believe that sleeping is not such an important need, 
but just sleeping 8 hours a day gives us many benefits for our health. 
Sleeping is a very important habit of our day to day, activates our c
elebration, reduces stress, will provide more energy ...
Many people suffer from insomnia. For that there are sleeping pills t
hat must be previously prescribed by a doctor.Nicotine or caffeine a
re substances that make you sleepy, so they should be avoided.
In my opinion I think it is necessary to sleep 8 hours for 
a good of health and physical. I think the quality of sleep is
 more important than the number of hours you sleep.
For people who can not sleep well, I think they should 
avoid the consumption of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol consumption.

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