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Day by day we can see in our country how immigration is increasing, many of the people are against immigrants. In my opinion immigration is a good thing and it would not affect us at all, for the following reasons. 
Firtly immigrants leave their countries and enter another country to have the opportunity to seek better living conditions, since in their country they have poor living conditions. So we have to be empathetic with accepting them, since we all have the right to have a good quality of life.
To conclude, immigrants bring a series of benefits to the country's economy, since they come to work, they usually have a large participation rate in the labor force, even more than those born in the country, which makes the The country's economy grows in addition to improving the quality of life.
Finally, I believe that immigration is a good thing, since it gives families a great opportunity to have a better quality of life. So we have to create awareness on this issue and be empathetic. 

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