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BADGE Placa, insignia

FLATMATE An associate who shares an apartment with you

AT FIRST SIGHT After a quick look, before really thinking about one's Feeling about something


GEEK Someone Obsessive and boring about a topic

SHORT OF CASH With not much money

TIGHT-FISTED Not generous with money

MESSY Dirty and Disorderly

A PEOPLE PERSON Someone who likes being with and works well with other people

TO BE PARTICULAR ABOUT Think something is very important

TO PULL YOUR WEIGHT To do your share of work

DOWN-TO-EARTH PERSON A realistic person

SENSIBLE Smart and practical

OUT UNTIL THE EARLY HOURS Away from home very late

A GOOD LAUGH Someone fun to be with

TO GET INTO a topic To enjoy an activity

TO GET ON WITH somebody Llevarse bien con

GIG (Slang) Actuación

SYMPATHETIC Someone who understands and wants to help

CAUTIOUS Careful in actions or behaviors

NAÏVE (adj.) innocent, Unsophisticated, showing lack of worldly knowledge and experience

GENUINE Authentic

WITTY To be Quick-thinking and clever with words

MEAN Malicious

FLEXIBLE Easily accepting change; adaptable

ECCENTRIC A person that is peculiar or odd


MOODY   person who is happy one moment and sad the next, Temperamental.

 (PERSUADE) from Reading p.12 Convince

 (MUNDANE) Common

 (TRIVIAL) Insignificant

 (AVOID) Elude

 (AMAZINGLY ENOUGH) to emphasize that something is strange, surprising or Coincidental

 (HOST) Anfitrión

 (GUESTS) los invitados

 (FLAT-PACK) (n) a piece of furniture or other equipment that is Sold in pieces packed flat in a box for easy transport and is assembled by the Buyer.

 (TAP DANCING) A step dance in which foot movements produce audible Rhythms emphasized by small metal plates on the soles of the dancer's shoes.

 (RATE) A ratio that compares quantities measured in different Units.

 (APPEAL) Encanto

(LIES IN) Reside en, se Encuentra en

(TOTTER) Walk unsteadily

 (5 OUT OF 10) Hamarretik bost

 (LOATHING) extreme disgust

 ("Cannot BEAR IT") No poder Soportarlo

(JOLLY) Happy

 (BONNET) Hood of a car

 (TAP INTO) Access to

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