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I have seen the advertisement and I have Sent my information to the email address. After one week, they called me and I Have gone to Australia. Upon arrival I have started with my job, the first thing I do every morning is feed the fish of aquarium. After, I dive on the Reefs and I see the changes in them. Next, I'll give a ride to observe plants. All days the same routine!

But, there are negative thing. I wish my Friends and my family had far from here; If only I had known I would feel so Lonely. Also, I wish I had my surfboard because sometime I get bored very much.

To end, I would Like to give some advice for the future applicants: If they came to Australia, They would take sunscreen.Also, if they Dove in the reefs, they would put diving fins. Finally, If they ran to the Beach, they would wear sneakers.

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