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polluted. There are many shops, buildings, hotels and parks, and there is a lot of crime. Santiago is an exciting city because it has many interesting places to go,  People, in general, are not very friendly, but they are very outgoing. The climate in winter is very cold and rainy and in summer very warm. But life in the countryside is more peaceful than Santiago because there are fewer thieves, less noise and less crime, besides the people of the countryside are healthier than Santiago because they eat better and finally the countryside is cleaner than Santiago because there is less pollution

when i was a kid.I liked to rode a bike whit my older cousin.My mother always toldme not crash whit my cousin and fell to the ground hittinh me the mouth,which left me whit a scar of 4 points
at noon.In the city of conce.2 robbers dressed completely in black.Entered the bank.They reduced the guard whit a weapon.While one was stealing the money the other was waiting to scape.When the police arrived the robbers has already scaped in a car.
good:better-the bes    ,  bad:worse-the worst
fun:more fun-the most fun

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