Good morning, have you got

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1) it isn´t raining, was wating-got, i get,do you do, we arrived-was-it was rainig,phones-she didn`t phone, you thought, i decided,are you looking.

2)she have been running, somebody have taken it,they had been only knowing..,it have been raining all day.
3)i will have, are you going, sall i phone,....,it is , i going to miss-...,...-i give-you will call, will it end.
4) we are being followed,..., was cancelled,has been repaired,is being restored,.....,sacked,....
5) i had money, i had jad more time,i would have forgotten, i would take photo, we had caught a taxi,...,...,...,we wouldn´t know the news.
6)you should get a good lawyer,...., my father may pick you up,, you must eat in class,...,...,...,
7)grow-grew-grown(crecer),hide-hid-hidden(esconder), keep-kept-kept(mantenerse), sell-sold-sold(vender), wear-wore-worn(llevar puesto) shine-shone-shone(brillar)

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