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Delight(sadness), furitively (openly) secretly, seedy dirty and unpleasant, tilitate(boring)  interesting esp. Sexually, pervasive being present everywhere, transform(preserve), compulsiveness  state of being unable to stop or control your emotions/actions diverting(boring) entertaining and amusing  formative having an important and lasting influence on the development of sb  promote(discourage), cue signal, submissive(assertive) willing to obey, correlation link/connection multiply(decrease) increase, prod poke, prodding encouraging to do something, reciptient(giver) person who receives, invigorated(exhausted) refreshed, clavicle collarbone, release (stress), pilgrimage journey to a place connected with sth you admire, connect(loosen), ligament strong band of tissue in the body that connects bones etc, tolerance(intolerance) ability to suffer pain without being harmed, partial(impartial) liking sb/sth very much attainment(unattainable) Pornography was once secretely looked at newsstands with little light or dirty and unpleasant adult theaters- the way young people learn about sex is by making relationships fun and interesting, changing or reforming expectations about sex and wanting to change - men who watch porn often may build or may have unreal images of women's looks and attitude and have trouble holding on relationships- porn stimulates bad behaviour towards women and motivates viewers to think that unsafe sex is good - current examinations show a connection between increased violence in boys and publicity to pornography - instead of feeling worse after the therapy the patient feels refreshed and full of energy - there was a faster feeling of relaxation and feeling that you are free from pain and stress - Kevin Stone has directed patients to get thai massage to increase their flexibility - Stone does not approve the treatment for everyone- Haddad is trying to arrange groups that work together that would notice talented practioners

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