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Many Satellite and cable TV companies offer their viewers a shopping cannel. These Channels have become popular, but not everyone thinks that this is a good idea.

On the One hand, shopping channels have made shopping easier for some people. It is True that they are helpful for people who are old ori ll and can’t leave their Homes easily. Customers pone and place their orders, which are delivered to Their homes. In addition, these channels are informative – they often Demonstrate whatr a product does. This makes it easier for people to make Shopping decisions.

On the Other hand, shopping channels can be problematic. They convince people to buy Things they don’t really need and some people even become adiccted to them. Moreover, customers are often disappointed because the orudcts aren’t always as Good as they look on TV.

It’s a Fact that shopping channels can make life easier for some people. However, I am Not in favor of them. For me, there’s nothing like visiting my favourite shop.

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