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How much waste does your family produce?
- My family wastes a lot at the end of the day because we are many of us at home.

2- How do you reuse things?
- filling the bottle twice after using it for the first time.

3-. Visit the website and write the name of 20 items that
We can recycle. Translate them to Spanish. GOOD

- Aereosoles, las pilas, papil fil, medicinas, telefonos moviles, botellas de plasticos,
botones, materiales de construcción, plástico de burbujas, bicilcetas, ropa , cama,
mantas,, las pilas, libros,

4- How are cans recycled?
-The cans are thrown into the container and crushed to make other cans again Good but a bit

5- Mention 10 things you can recycle around home. GOOD
- Bottles, caps, tv, batteries, clothes, cell phones, shoes, light bulbs, cans

6- Name different Christmas items that we can recycle. OK
- The balls, the same tree and the ornaments

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