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Nowadays, more and more teenagers drink alcohol in the street. A lot of people think that alcohol is not good for young people´s health. Taking this into account, should teenagers be allowed to drink alcohol in the estreet?

One advantage of street drinking is that you can make or meet more friends. Moreover, you can have more fun than in a pub, because you can do wathever you want. In addition, it´s cheaper than drinking in a pub. Last but not least, if you are with your friends while you are drinking, they can help you because there are fewer people than in a pub.

On the other hand, normally, you make noise and that can bother the neighbours. Also, it is dangerous if you are drunk because people can rape you. If that happens to you, you don´t know what to do. Furthermore, this situation can cause street fights.

To sum up, street drinking should be legal if young people are responsible and they don´t leave bottles on the floor, but only if they are adults. It should be illegal for minors because ir´s very dangerous for them. In my opinion, street drinking has many advantages but it also has many inconveniences.

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