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angry at-enfadado con/aware of-consciente de/bad for-malo para/devoted to-dedicado/different to from- diferente/excited about-emocionado con/famous for/fluent in/good at-for/guilty of- culpable de/hopeful about-esperanzado con/inclined to-dispuesto a/interested in/involed in-implicado en/nervous about/optimistic about/pleased for-with contento con por/pround of-orgulloso de/rsponsible for/satisfied with/similar to/suitable for/thrilled about with emocionado/tired from-cansado/tired of/unhappy with/upset about with disgustado/worried about,preocupado////The aim of this essay is to/fortunately suerte/Let's not forget that/also/beside ademas/nevertheless a pesar de eso/for this reason x esta raxon/one further point about the otro pto mas q anadir/lastly x ultimo/ to sum up/it's difficult for me to give a final opinion on sobre..But personally i think...

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