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MO-V: ABILITY(ser capaç de)=CAN= poder(today-now)—COULD= podria(PAS.Ed, last week), BE ABLE TO= ser capaç de---PERMISSION—CAN, COULD, BE ALLOWED TO— ADVICE(dar consejos)=SHOULD(havia de)(it is a good idea) SHOULDN’T—OUGHT TONESS/NO OBLIGATION(no es obligatori)—Don’t have to--need to—needn’t to OBLIGATION(has de fer)(I say so.) Have to—Must to—Need to--- POSSIBILITY—May—Might-- Could, DEDUCTION/CERTANTY- MUST(has de fer), CAN’T(no pots fer). SUBJ + MODAL+ V--MODAL+HAVE+PP Modal+be+pp  That/Who=persones Which/That=coses Whose=possession Where=places iguales

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