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The crime Of Lord Arthur Saville

The story Begins at one of the celebrations organized by Lady Windermere, in which Mr. Podgers, (a kind of soothsayer) becomes the center of attention after correctly Describe the lives of some of the guests, who did not know, only touching his Hands. After several successes, the hostess asks you to "read" the hand of one of his friends, Artur Saville. The instant in which mr. Podgers Lord's hand touches Arhtur, a big change is evident in his face, becomes pale And quickly release. . Finally, Podgers and Arthur meet privately and learns That his fate is in the murder.

Hearing This, he goes for a walk alone at night, and start to feel that everyone looks At him, that police searches, etc.

The next morning, decides he must commit the crime as soon as possible, as soon marry His fiancee, Sybil. And to delay the wedding until he, killing one person.

First, make A list of all your friends and relatives and get to take the decisionof Murdering a distant aunt. Tangerine. So to find a book with a pill that left Him satisfied, going to a doctor and get it.

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