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Modal Verbs: ABILITY can/ can´t, could/couldn´t, be able to (I Know how to/to manage to) PODDIBILITY may, might, could (maybe/perhaps/it´s (not) possible) DEDUCION LOGICA must, can´t (I am sure/certain, I (don´t) Think, it´s impossible) PROHIBICION mustn’t, can´t (prohibited, not allowed, Illegal) OBLIGATION have to (outer), must (inner) need to, has to, needs to (necessary, Obliged) ADVISE should(n´t), ought (not) to, had better (not) (recommended, Suggested, a good idea, advisable to, supposed to) PERMISSION can/can´t, could/ Couldn´t, may (not) (you are allowed to) OFFERS could, may, would, shall (like To you, wold you mind, would you like me)

Modal Perfects: ABILITY could have POSSIBILITY may/might have DEDUCCION LOGICA must have/couldn´t have/can´t have OBLIGATION had to REGRET Should (n´t) have, ought to have

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