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lCountable nouns
Potato pear egg banana
uncountable nouns
Pasta lettuce,beans,oil,oatmeil
ilike to eat an apple for breakfast
L don’t drink milk for dinner
Me too, me too. I can dance
L can`t solve sudoku puzzles
l cant make friends easly
¿can You play a musical instrument?
yes, l can, l can play the violin ¿ can you
Dance ? Yes, l can dance tango.
slow = slower than = the slowest .
fat= fatter than= the fattest.
= stronger than= the strongest
funny = funnier than= the funniest.
heavy= heavier than= the heavist.
talented= more talented than = the Most talented.
popular= more popular than= the most Popular
attractive= more attractive than= The most attractive.
bad=worse than = the worst
good = better than = the best.

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